Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well I have not been on the HF band for a couple days though I have met some folks talking in the evenings on the local repeaters. Honestly, I have been busy working on the garden and landscaping in between getting the DSL and Dish hooked up and have been getting a good workout doing so. This stuff is rough, like trimming the berry bushes back! Anyway, its really booming Thunder outside! Lots of showers in the mountains lately which is really good news. I will try to make some time to get some video up soon so you can see the place. 73

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy thunder and lightning. In Santa Rosa, I only rarely get to experience it. Of course, you've you've got an antenna up in lightning country, you would do well to have your setup grounded and use a lightning arrestor, etc, etc. -Ken KE6N