Sunday, July 26, 2009

IOTA update 7-26-2009

I had a chance to work some of the Stations in the Contest and I was really looking forward to a contact with John Boudreau VE8EV, who activated Banks Island (NA-129) as VC8B. I heard him breifly on Friday evening here and so I knew my best shot would be Saturday evening given the Greyline, MUF, and other conditions here. Well I was right and got a contact after a few calls! I have been following Johns Blog since he activated VX8X (NA-182). Check it out and read his article about how he managed VX8X, It's a very good article!(With some real cool pictures of the Trailer Ham Shack out on the ICE! ( Also if you go to and lookup VC8B you can click on the detail line and then see a Google Map of where he was).
I was finally able to get up the Buddistick Vertical with a new 9 Foot whip and an adapter for a painters pole mast and I am happy with the performance once again. Conditions were very noisy here yet I managed to work all the stations I chose to work over the weekend with 100 watts.
73 Everyone.

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APEMAN said...

Hey John, I hope all is well with you and your place. I watched the news this morning and seen the fires there in Shasta Co. I'm still waiting to hear you on one of the bands these days. Take Care, Kevin (W9APE)