Saturday, June 20, 2009


Had a beautiful day but the conditions were not good at the time we decided to hit the air. We started too early for the 20M band. The time after was well spent taking photos and video which was a whole lot of fun so we were still rewarded for the effort. What a beautiful mystical time to be on the mountain! Lots of different weather and climates as you change elevations and move to different areas of the park. As for contacts, Here's the log. 73

KE6FHZ 18:11, 5/9 ( Jeff, Thanks)
W6DOM 18:17 5/9 ( Will, Thanks)
AD7DP 18:35 5/9 +10 ( John, Thanks)
N7MRN 18:37 5/9 +10 (Larry, Thanks)
KE6FHZ/M 18:40 5/9 ( Jeff, good job snagging us in the mobile too!)
N6AWD 18:59 5/9 +10 (Fred, Thanks)
K6SMF 19:15 5/9 ( Neil, Thanks)
AC6JK 19:29 5/9 ( Mike, Thanks)


Steve-wGØAT said...

Great Video John!! Always fun to watch ham GOTA in the outdoors! Just a few suggestions: balance the music/audio so we can hear more of the QSOs, show us more of your equipment and antennas etc. We hams like to know what gear you're using besides seeing it in the credits. Excellent effort in spite of conditions. 73, Rooster & Peanut

Anonymous said...

We had fun watching your video, John. We have never been to the mountain, so it was interesting to view your show.

We agree with the comment by Steve regarding the audio balance.

Your blog spot has "matured" quite a bit. (Bet you have experienced a fair number of visitors to your sponsors.)


Ken, W6HF & Luci, KL1WE

K6LSN said...

I have added Video of several QSOs from Mt. Lassen on the 16th of June 2009 to my YouTube Videos. Thanks for stopping by! Keep in touch, 73.