Saturday, June 5, 2010

10 Days of Outdoor Adventures!

     Well I wanted to share a bit about my last 10 days spent with friends in the great outdoors. Last Thursday my good friend Tim, his son Tim JR, and daughter Christine came up from Santa Rosa Ca. and we went and spent 4 days having a blast all over Trinity County Camping, Gold panning, Swimming, Fishing and touring the Lakes, Mountains, and Rivers and Streams. It was an honor showing them around and seeing them witness the beauty of the area for the first time.I am sure they will be back soon!
     Then Tuesday my good friend Kevin N6DXP, new call, came up and it has been non-stop 4 wheeling in his Jeep and fishing. We have had some adventures ourselves including the OHV area near Keswick, Copley Mountain. Kevins Jeep also did great up at Mount Shasta after we drove up to Bunny Flat in the snow and then found some real fun Forest Service Roads just below the snow line.We then drove around Siskiyou Lake and up to Castle Lake in the snow which was AWESOME!
     We fished 3 different bodies of water here in Shasta County.  No fish were hurt (or caught) during the experiences. HiHi. Lots of good food and lots of fresh air and just the right type of weather the whole time pretty much. I have a bunch of goofy video that I will post soon. Hope all is well for you too.73

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Anonymous said...

Cool pictures, stories! Miss you arround here. Hope to work you soon!
K6L? I'll be trying!