Saturday, June 26, 2010

Field Day @ NC6I Hat Creek

Beautiful day and it was great meeting all the new hams and visiting with all that were there for the event. I really enjoyed seeing Mt. Lassen covered in snow embraced by the blue sky! And all the water and green plants! Nice to see that all the rain and snow had such an effect, I noticed quite a difference. I was going to make a run up into Lassen Park but decided to come home and rest for the next few days are going to be busy for me. Just plan on being near the water as it is very hot, 109 f, and I really feel like swimming, swimming, and swimming.
See you at Whiskeytown Lake! 73


Anonymous said...

Hey John,
I just saw your comment today. I am going to have to change my notification settings on my blog, I don't get an e-mail when anybody posts on it.
The collection has been growing but I have been so busy working at the cheese factory that there is no time hardly for ragchewing. Things are going great here for me. I have a 40 ft tower about to go up with a new hex-beam for 20m-10m.
I wish I could go to the special event that you guys are having this year, that would be a great road trip. I just went on a 15 state road trip last month for the heck of it. I went south from Wisconsin and drove to Memphis, Tn then to New Orleans, LA. Stayed overnight there and went to Mobile, AL and Jacksonville, FL the next day. I ended up in Daytona Beach, FL for the next night and drove straight home from ther going through the Carolinas and the Blue Ridge Mts.
I love driving so maybe next year if you could give me a date as soon as you know when you will be doing the event.

K6LSN said...

Would be great to have you join us and I will let you know for sure! Congrats on the TOWER! Hope to hear ya, If you contact N6L ask the Operator to get my attention so we can chat if its not me on the mic. 73 44